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Intentional brand identities for passionate small businesses.


Alex Cottles

I am here to help YOU take your business to the next level (visually) and put that logo-shame to bed once and for all. The fact that I get wake up everyday and focus my energy on crafting intentional visual solutions for entrepreneurs + small businesses, is an absolute dream come true! With passion comes heart and with heart comes genuine connection. This is what I’m all about. Enjoy high-fives, even if virtual? You're in luck! When you invest in me I invest in you as well.

When I am not designing, which is pretty much never, you will find me decorating my trailer, watching movies with my husband, petting with my cats or strumming my guitar. 

Alex Cottles


The Story


As far as the name itself goes, it comes from a meshing of work and life. I love having structure in my life and thrive on having a daily routine. Something about the familiar is so comforting. With that being said, I also understand that creativity is just the opposite. It’s spontaneous and free-spirited. Often times it can be hard to design within tight deadlines because inspiration has to come naturally to design successfully, in my opinion. Thus, The Routine Creative was born. A representation of the ever blurred lines that are work/life balance. Also, a nice little reminder/note to self to continue creating on a daily basis because I am a firm believer in practice makes perfect.


My mission is to emphasize the ‘and’ in brand. Combining your unique business and my design expertise, together we can create a brand identity that is truly yours. 

Genuine connection & passion are essential. I absolutely love what I do and you should too. 



Anywhere &

Currently living out of a travel trailer and exploring the US with my husband. Though I am technically a Texas native, I lived in Richmond VA for almost ten years and now consider it home.

Lucky for you (and me) my office is 100% mobile which means I can work remotely. If I am ever in your area I love to meet my clients in person when I can, but phone and email are great options as well.


now you know me

I would love to learn more about you!