Hey April,

So I think I have found the solution. I know you mentioned maybe trying to incorporate the stitching into the logo and I was trying to find a way to do that while also keeping the "stitch" detail in the lettering itself. The solution was to make the accent stitching a little bit thinner and smaller so that the "A" could stand on it's own without the two clashing.

Anyway, I have two variations of this logo once again and I think they totally work. I kept the horizontal logo that we will most likely use on your blog header the same but included the simple stitch detail behind it to add that depth and texture. (I used a placeholder image to put behind the logo for now)

For the stand alone logo that you would probably use on social media profile photos such as your Instagram I changed it up a bit. Originally I liked the idea of it being in that diamond shape because it matched the form of the "A", but in thinking more about the brand itself I changed it to a circle. I like the circle because it's softer and more welcoming but also symbolizes one unit or community. To top that off I included the stitching detail like you recommended and I love it! Such a great idea. I like that it almost wraps around the circle as if people are meeting or holding hands around it. Sounds cheesy but it's a nice symbolic representation of your brand I feel. 

Let me know your thoughts. I appreciate your feedback and I am really excited with how this turned out :)





Initial Concepts

Concept 1

This concept maybe doesn't speak to the brand in a literal sense but it certainly speaks to your target market. Not to mention it's unique to you since it's hand crafted. For each concept I have included 3 variations of the logo as well as a rough mock-up on the web page just so you could better envision it. 

Concept 2

For this concept I wanted to give you something super modern while still being femenine and sleek. Very everlane-esque. I customized the type to create a flow and sense of connection from one side of the logo to the other. The extended parts of the letters are also meant to represent stitches in a subtle way. I carried the stitch idea throughout the other variations of the logos .

Concept 3

For this concept I wanted to create something very modern but also feminine. This is probably the most trendy of all three but in a good way. It's very retro like The Wing or Olive and June. I also used the stitches on this one to add some dimension to the variations.