3 Essentials To Finding Success As A Creative



Of course, the graphic designer in me will always tell you branding is essential to the success of your business. Although I have a slightly bias opinion, it's the truth. Your branding speaks volumes. It is the visual telling of your message and your mark. It should evoke a feeling within your potential client that matches that of your brand message. It should set you apart in oversaturated markets. It shows that you are professional and invested in your business. Which is why it is essential to hire a professional designer and trust in their opinion as the expert. Branding will grow your business, if done right. No matter how far along you are as a creative entrepreneur, if you haven't invested in proper branding, you should. Apart from all the professional and profitable perks that come along with branding, it is also just really exciting to give your business a visual voice. You, like many,  may find the branding process intimidating. However, try to have fun with it.


Your business should have intention.  Your brand needs a message. What are you bringing to the table that others aren't? If your brand is still unfocused and unclear to even you, then you should check out this great post from Caitlin Powell. You should have a mission. For example, my mission is to help other creative entrepreneurs discover their brand and to mentor fellow creatives and graphic designers. No matter what creative field you are in, your brand message, mission and mark (branding) should have purpose. How are you enriching other people's lives with the service you provide? Whether it's for their business or personal life, everything you create for clients should have a purpose beyond the fact that it looks pretty. Although, trust me when I say I fall into the trap of creating things just because they are pretty from time to time. It's not necessarily a bad thing because it's a great way to express yourself creatively without restriction. However, when it comes to client work there should always be reason behind every decision.


"Make it" until you make it. This is the attitude you have to have to be a success. Keep going. Everyone started somewhere and every designer or artist out there, successful or not, started creating things they were not satisfied with. You may, at first, try really hard to create things that look like what everyone else is creating but leave unsatisfied with the final product. This is completely normal. Practice, practice, practice. You shouldn't look at someone else's work and copy it, of course. This can prove quite difficult at times because I have been subconsciously over-inspired by other's work before. There is no shame, however,  in trying to learn and discover the techniques used in a design. Copy it for your own practice at home if you have to in order to master some great tricks other designers you admire have mastered. Eventually, if you keep working hard and mastering your craft, success will find you. It takes time, patience and dedication to achieve your end goal but make sure along the way you are celebrating those small successes.