Let me start off by saying the goal here was not to see how many times I can use the word "hashtag" in one post but I'd say, if that was the goal, I completely crushed it. So anyway, let's talk Instagram. Let me just start off by saying that roughly eighty percent of my freelance business has come from the grams. It has been an excellent platform to put myself and my business out there. For the longest time, however, I thought you had to have thousands of followers to even dream of being found by potential clients but the truth of the matter is you don't. You just have to know your target audience and the hashtags they are using. There are multiples ways to find these but, I'd like to share a few of them with you that have had a big impact on my business.



Well, of course, it depends who you ask. There will always be those who judge your hashtag quantities from afar and may even make fun of you for it. To those people I'd ask, "Are you trying to grow your own business through social media platforms such as Instagram?". If their answer is no, then it's quite obvious why they aren't using many, if any, hashtags. If their answer is yes, and your answer is yes, then hashtags are the way to go. Just keep in mind that Instagram will only allow up to 30 hashtags.



It is crucial that the hashtags you are using fall in line with your ideal client. When I first started on Instagram I was just using hashtags one or two at a time and was only using them to add something funny to what I was posting. For the everyday user this is fantastic, but for your business, it isn't quite as effective.



I met with a friend of mine and fellow artist/blogger Mandy Fitzgerald who told me about The Rising Tide Society's list of hashtags they love. This is an excellent resource for creatives. Especially those who are active members of RTS already.

Here are some other folks effective hashtags:

The Blog Market

Venus Trapped in Mars

Gemma Sands



I have two lists that I reference which I have saved in the "Notes" application tool in my iPhone. My first reference list is a compilation of the resources that I have shared above. These hashtags are more general in nature and apply to anything I am posting for my business such as #therisingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #ontheroadtofulltime. My second reference list is more specific to the individual post itself. For example, if I post a recent branding project I've completed for a client, I would use hashtags such as #branding #logodesign #graphicdesign. I use more deliberate hashtags at the end of my actual post and then I drop the list of vague hashtags in the comments section after I post.



Check out this awesome infographic of do's and dont's of hashtags from the ladies at Think Creative Collective