3 Stock Photography Resources


As a small business living in the age of social-media it seems photography is an absolute necessity. And though I think hiring a photographer for your photography needs is usually the solution, there are a few hidden gems out there for creative stock photography. For example,  I create mock-ups for my creative marketplace shop. If I had to hire a photographer every time I wanted to fill the pages of the "mock-up" magazine with a fun image it would not only take a lot of money but it would also take WAY more time than I have.  So here are a few of my personal favorite sites for such photos.


Unsplash was one of the first websites I came across with very strong stock photography that was completely free of copyright restrictions. They only showcase the very best photos and although you to view in list or grid format. Their search feature is on point and the site is easy to navigate. By far one of the best places for creative stock photos.


Stocksnap is another really great resource for creative stock photography. I use this one all the time when creating mock-ups or mood boards for clients. It is made by the same people that created Snappa which is a great design tools resource for those none-designers out there. Using stocksnap is super easy and in my opinion has the easiest saving and downloading system compared to other stock photo websites.

3.  $$ STOCKSY

Stocksy is NOT free but has the best photos out there. If you have a budget for marketing this is a great place to shop for high-quality photos. I would highly reccomend it!

At the end of the day using stock photos is super easy but it can also be overdone. I try not to use stock photos on my Instagram unless I really have to. I try to keep that to my own photos. I typically only use stock photos in mock-ups and moodboards for clients. But the beauty is I don't make the rules and these photos have no rules so GO NUTS!