6 Common Font Styles To Be Aware Of


If you're not a graphic designer or someone who works with type often,  then you may not be familiar with the types of fonts out there and that's okay! I've got your back. The ones I am going to lay out for you are just the basic descriptions but each type of font can be broken down to even more subcategories. I won't bore you with that. We will stick with the basics for now!


Small stroke at the beginning or end of main strokes of a letter.


Sans Serif

This just means without serif.



This is pretty self explanatory but this would be any font that represents someone's personal handwriting style. Similar to script fonts except these typically aren't cursive fonts.



Similar to handwritten fonts since they are meant to mimic handwriting styles. The difference is these are typically cursive fonts.



These are used for larger types like banners and headlines and are not meant to be used for body copy/paragraphs.


Slab Serif

These are basically a very blunt form of a serif font. Instead of having the serif round off at the edge they remain very blocked off.



This is typically a sub category or style of one font family but lately people have been designing fonts that are condensed on there own. These are typically taller than they are wide and are set close together.