Routine Talks to Liz White


I had the pleasure of chatting with Liz of Linea Mae. She is a fellow graphic designer with a killer style. Continue reading to hear her geek out over launch sites and sales pages and learn more about her process from a designer and client perspective.


To kick things off would you mind introducing yourself and your business to all of us?

I’m Liz White and I’m the owner, designer, and creative strategist behind Linea Mae. Focusing on all things launch design and sales pages, I work with online business owners to maker their offer so impressive it can’t help but make sales in their sleep. I love being able to work with business owners through a combination of creative strategy, collaboration, and intentional design to build that trust and excitement with their audience.


For those who don’t know how long has Linea Mae been around?

Linea Mae officially became a business in 2012, though at the time I was just freelancing while also working a 9-5 job. It wasn’t until 2014 that I took it full-time.


What are the biggest pros and cons of owning your own business?

The biggest pro about owning my own business is that I have complete control over everything. Last year I traveled quite a lot and moved across the country to NYC over the summer. I also completely changed my business offerings in the fall and started creating new income streams (game changer). Having the ability to do all of this helped me finally understand the difference between freelancing and owning a business. It was this complete control over who I worked with, what I worked on, where I worked, and when.

The biggest con about owning my own business is my own limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. This year I’m working on clearing out deeply rooted blocks and it’s been eye-opening to see how much of an effect they’ve had. It’s hard to dig into and work on, but it goes to show that Henry Ford was on to something when he said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”


We discovered each other on Instagram. Would you say Instagram has been a big asset to your business? If so, how?

Instagram was (and still is) a way for me to try new things out. Looking back through my feed I can see the evolution of my voice, my brand, and my business. In that sense, it’s become incredibly important to my business because I can get immediate feedback on new ideas or methods that I try out.

More than that, Instagram is also where I can chat with my followers on a daily basis and grow friendships with other business owners. It makes getting to know other people easy and it allows others to get to know me as well. Sure it’s an image sharing platform, but I don’t think it’s about the images at all anymore. Instagram is where real conversations happen and friendships begin.


So you clearly have a very clean and modern design aesthetic which I appreciate. What is your biggest source of inspiration when you are designing?

My biggest source of inspiration when I’m designing is my client’s brand voice and the tone of their copy. Making sure to always remember that design is a tool, used to support and help convey an overall message is so so so important. I think that great design shouldn’t overshadow the message, so that’s why my aesthetic leans more towards being modern and clean. Whitespace is your friend!


I see you are giving away a killer Sales Page Checklist. Are sales/launch pages a big passion of yours?

The strategy that goes along with launch design and sales pages is what I can really geek out about. It can become really overwhelming for people to have to juggle creating a new offer (or restructuring a current service), figuring out how exactly it works behind the scenes, setting up systems for clients/students, writing all of the copy, setting up sales funnels and email sequences, planning out the launch, planning out a marketing strategy, creating free content to lead people into paid content, thinking about speaking opportunities and overall visibility methods…

PHEW! And that’s not even touching designing out the offer logo, putting together a sales page to direct people to, creating opt-in pages, or any of those key design pieces.

Helping business owners plan, create, and incorporate those items into their launch strategy, while making it visually work for their business is what I love. It’s a way to work in partnership with my clients, while also taking a huge weight off of their shoulders.


I am sure this is broad question since you have different types of services you offer but give us a little insight into what a client can expect as far as your design process is concerned. Do you have a strict timeline that you and your client adhere to or is your process a little more go with the flow with a broad timeframe?

I want my clients to know that I value their time and I also need them to respect mine. After all, time is money! To make sure that happens, each of my services has their own set processes which include a timeline and upfront client expectations (aka, “homework”). Projects have clear start dates, completion dates, and outlined steps/requirements to reach those.

Making sure there is a timeline set upfront helps my clients know exactly when things will be happening, removing the expectation of getting things impossibly fast or the fear of it all dragging on for months. Plus, having these systems set in place removes the mystery of what I’m doing. It’s never fun to not know what’s going on (especially when you’re paying someone)! Ever since I put systems in place for my services, things run so much more smoothly and my clients love that they know exactly what to expect during the project.

Now, all of that took a little while to set up... but if there’s one thing I recommend to other service providers it’s to systematize your services.


What, if any, do you think is the most common misconception about designer’s from the viewpoint of clients?

There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding service providers in general. So much frustration is rooted in a lack of information, which ultimately turns into a lack of trust. Service providers often don’t explain or talk through their process with their clients... so then there is this idea that the end result just *poof* appeared from nothing. This is why sharing your process, outlining what it’s like to work with you, and what to expect (+when) is so crucial.


What is the best advice you could give to new freelancers who aspire to be where you are in your business?

It’s never too late in the game to make a big change. If something isn’t working, try something new.


I am a huge lover of music so I love to ask everyone if you had to pick one song to represent Linea Mae what song would it be?

Phenomenal Woman by Laura Mvula.


Of course, a huge thank you to Liz for chatting with me. You can find her on her website, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Linea Mae and be sure and give her a shout down in the comments below.