Routine Talks to Fify Loewen


I had the pleasure of chatting with Fify Loewen. She is an amazing photographer who has shifted her focus towards mentoring other women in business. Learn more about her story and how her experience has shaped the future of her business.


To kick things off would you mind introducing yourselves and your business to all of us?

I’m Fify Loewen, and I’m a child of God, wife to Matt and Mommy to my 2 boys. 

Work-wise women hire me to help them launch their businesses. The way I do that is through establishing a strong ‘why’, establishing systems that ensure business growth and establishing a strong and genuine social media presence.

I love dancing and thoroughly enjoy books.


For those who don’t know, how long has Fify Loewen Photography been around?

I have been calling out the beauty in women through photos for the last 7years. And it has only been this year that I’ve shifted to mentoring because I realized that a lot of the women I spoke with had amazing, life-changing ideas - but they were either scared, overwhelmed or just not sure where to start in getting them out to the world. So this is where I come in, my experience puts me in a perfect position to assist them and encourage their dreams.


Where in the world is Fify Loewen Photography located?

I’m in Botswana, Africa. A land of beautiful sunsets and amazing people. Also the home of the Okavango Delta, one of the largest in-land deltas in the world, and one of the largest diamond producers in the world. I could go on, but we are just awesome :-)


How did you get your start in photography? Has it always been something you knew you wanted to pursue? 

It was by pure fate that I ended up with a camera in my hand. It was only in my final year of university, at 23, that I discovered that I had ‘the eye’. But my love for people’s stories drew me to the medium, because with a camera in hand, I could learn more about people, and photograph them beautifully to reflect and call out the beauty that I saw in them.


What are the biggest pros and cons of owning your own business?

The biggest pros for me lay in the fact that I had control over my schedule, because as a Mom to 2boys I cannot tell you just how valuable that is. 

Cons, having to figure out everything on my own, because before running my own business, I had never worked anywhere, and the only skills I had came from a high school company through a programme we call Junior Achievement here in Botswana :-) And even in this age of abundant information and courses, especially online, it can be hard to know whom you should be paying attention to.

And funny enough, this con has led to the next stage in my business, where I’m now sharing the mistakes and wins I had running a creative business, stripping it all down.


Who would you say have been your biggest business mentors on your journey? (in person or online)

I would say Jasmine Star and Sue Bryce. Jasmine gave me the confidence to know how to deal with clients, and Sue how to connect with a client when shooting. I’ve never met them personally, but they played a HUGE role even though they were oceans away.


If you could give advice to someone just getting started as a creative entrepreneur what advice would you give?

Hmm, take care of yourself - body, mind, spirit, because when you are in alignment, everything else will follow. You cannot create well from chaos, art thrives in rest. 

I say this because it is so easy to get caught in work, work, work in effort to make your mark, but when you are not rushed, or always exhausted, that’s when your best work will happen. Still working at taking my own advice, ha ha.

I noticed you have a “for photographers” section on your website. Is education within the photography community something you are passionate about as well?

Lol I’ve since changed my site, but yes, I’m passionate about community, because I believe that’s how we grow and get better! Of course it has to be the right kind of community, once grounded in generosity and encouragement.


I have to ask everyone who agrees to these interviews if you had to pick one song to represent Fify Loewen Photography, what song would you choose?

Right now it’s Beyonce’s ‘I’m a grown Woman’ :-)


Of course, a huge thank you to Fify for chatting with me. You can find her on her websiteInstagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Fify Loewen and be sure and give her a shout down in the comments below.