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My personal perspective on pricing

Pricing your services as a designer, or even just as an entrepreneur in general, can prove to be quite difficult for some. There are plenty of pricing guides and resources out there to help you formulate the "perfect price", but I am here to tell you there is no such thing. I'll break down my thought process behind the way I price my services in hopes that it will bring you more clarity on your journey of finding the right price. 

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My Approach to Finding Clients

One of the biggest hurdles most people face as a freelancer or creative entrepreneur is finding clients. Odds are you are on this creative endeavor because the 9-5 behind a desk just wasn't the life for you. This can sometimes mean living client to client instead of paycheck to paycheck. One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how do I find clients. This post has been a long time coming because I used to ask the very same questions myself. So I thought I would share my thoughts behind "finding" clients and break down a few common misconceptions for you. 

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