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My Approach to Finding Clients

One of the biggest hurdles most people face as a freelancer or creative entrepreneur is finding clients. Odds are you are on this creative endeavor because the 9-5 behind a desk just wasn't the life for you. This can sometimes mean living client to client instead of paycheck to paycheck. One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how do I find clients. This post has been a long time coming because I used to ask the very same questions myself. So I thought I would share my thoughts behind "finding" clients and break down a few common misconceptions for you. 

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6 Common Font Styles To Be Aware Of

If you're not a graphic designer or someone who works with type often,  then you may not be familiar with the types of fonts out there and that's okay! I've got your back. The ones I am going to lay out for you are just the basic descriptions but each type of font can be broken down to even more subcategories. I won't bore you with that. We will stick with the basics for now!

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