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Welcome to your process portal. This is where I will be sharing all updates, revisions and files throughout the branding process. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. You can keep track of our progress via the checkboxes below :) 





Business Card Concepts

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Initial Concept Presentations

Your three initial brand concept presentations are available below! The idea is to review everything thoughtfully and choose the concept you feel is the strongest for your business and we can then put that concept through two rounds of refinement if necessary. Of course, if you are happy with one of the concepts in their current state, then no changes have to be made.

Please review these from the point of view of your audience since subjective opinions tend to get in the way of what’s best for the brand.



designer thoughts:

For this first concept I wanted to design something masculine but also wanted to make sure it was approachable and timeless. I used a font for this one but customized it to give it a more rounded/rough-around-the-edges feel. If you ended up choosing this concept I would probably explore adding a bit of texture/distressing to the logo as well. For the secondary mark I included some additional info. The "trademark" could be replace with your est. year if you prefer. As for the tagline I liked the idea of made to inspire. A bit of a double meaning. You yourself being made/born to inspire and you literally make things that inspire people. For the sub-marks I used some basic minimal badges but I love that the shape resembles the end of a wrench.


designer thoughts:

For this concept the type is completely custom/hand-lettered. I wanted to created something similar to what you presented to me but make it unique with a bit of a timeless american flair. I used the same "made to inspire" tagline but you will see in one of the sub-marks I offered a different tagline option. "Empower & Inspire." Simple and too the point making your mission known in a concise way. 


designer thoughts:

For this final concept I wanted to show something other than the script lettering. I liked the idea of using a simple sans-serif for this but also wanted to give it that rough-around-the-edges feel like what you presented to me. I placed it within a rectangle shape that is meant to represented a plank of wood with nails or even a sheet of metal with rivets. You will see I did something a little more playful with the saw and then there is also the simplified stamp version of the primary logo. 



Below is a button linking to your brand strategy. This is meant to be a simple reference point for your business going forward.



Moodboard One


I like the ideas you presented with the faded black and yellowish gold colors. I kept with the faded black but decided to use more of a sandy beige color simply because it has more range. I was trying to envision the color on print, web, and merchandise and I feel as though tan is easier to be consistent across the board than the gold color. Honestly though, I love the idea of sticking with black and white for the logo itself. I feel like it's timeless and masculine. 


I like what you have shared already. I will be exploring both the condensed/rounded/rough-around the edges look as well as the a clean/monoline/handwritten custom script feel. Or maybe even a mix of both if we incorporate a tagline or descriptors for a version of the logo. Either way I want to provide something completely custom lettered so that it doesn't feel like we just picked a font and slapped it on, but the fonts you have shared are a really good starting point!


Not sure if you envisioned having any symbolism alongside your brand. If we do include any I would love to keep it minimal but illustrative like the hand & plant below. Would love to hear your thoughts on the symbolism if any. Maybe this is something to be explored as icons for your website or something rather than a part of the logo itself.

Final Thoughts: While diving into your brand I get super excited because I see tons of potential. I'm really hoping I can knock this out of the park for you because I want to be the guy you come to for all of your visual needs. This may sound cheesy but I sort of see you as a cross between Joanna Gaines and Tony Robbins. You have the potential for business growth like the "Magnolia" empire that Joanna has built while also inspiring/motivating people like Tony does. Maybe Bob Proctor is a better example than Tony but I'm just less familiar with his work at this time lol.



Moodboard Two


For this moodboard I went with a more colorful approach while still keeping things masculine. This deep navy blue and and yellow-ish tan make for good base colors while this burnt orange makes for a good pop/accent color. This may feel like a stretch compared to what you had in mind, and what I have presented above, but the good part about it would be a more recognizable color palette. And brand recognition is huge!


Sambe as above.


Same as above.

Final Thoughts: Same as above.