Hey Merritt,

Welcome to your client portal. Here is where I will be posting updates and web design concepts. You can easily see where we are in the process via the checkboxes below. I will most likely just be addressing you on this page but feel free to share it with you business partners if you need to.





WEB CONCEPT revision 1

Okay, so for this first round of revisions we changed things up a bit and moved some elements around. I know we talked about moving the blog up along with the city guides section. I tried moving it right under the about erroguide section but it wasn't flowing right so I think it fits well under the meet the team section. You will notice I went with the photo of you (Merrit) that looks more like a headshot so it matched the photo of Ocelia better. 

I changed out the City Guides photo and also changed the brush font for the main slideshow and the city guides section to a thinner font.

Lastly I swapped out the social club and work with us sections and included the photo you wanted here. For the "work with us" section we can change the button verbiage to "are you a brand?" and "are you an influencer?" if that's what you prefer.

I'm liking how this is looking! Let me know your thoughts. You will see the about page concepts below as well.

*also, we can ad social media links to the footer if you want :)




about concepts


So I typically don't create concepts for the other pages but since we want to be sure and not mess up your other pages I figured why not get the other pages mocked up first before I begin applying it to your website. I have two separate concepts for the about page that I thought could work. I feel like concept 1 fits the style of your new site better and is a bit more dynamic, but concept 2 is a safer and simpler option. Let me know your thoughts.




about concept 2