Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT Programs/platforms do you use?

I utilize Adobe Creative Suite for all branding projects. Already utilizing Adobe Creative Suite for your business? Great! I will happily hand over Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign files depending on what you are most comfortable with. I will also set up template files if applicable.

For your website I will be designing for Squarespace. 


Yes. In order to respect your time, and mine, a deposit is required to reserve your spot. This is only if I am booked up for a while and the fee will go towards your brand or web package.


No. I am in charge of the design of your website a.k.a the visuals. Trust me when I say, you do not what me to write your web copy. Though I am not a copywriter and don't claim to be, I do know some great ones if you need recommendations.

What does the payment process look like?


Your total will be broken down into 3 equal installments over a three month period. Final payment is due at product completion but prior to final files being delivered OR before website goes live.

If you prefer to have your payment split in 1/2 instead of 1/3 just let me know and I will happily oblige.


Hourly work can be paid one of two ways.
01. Pay a down payment which equals out to 50% of the estimate on the proposal and then pay remainder when work has been completed.
02. Pay the full amount after work has been completed but prior to final files being delivered.

I accept debit/credit cards through Stripe or you can pay via Paypal. Checks are not excepted

Do I need to buy a domain prior to web design?

Domains can be purchased within Squarespace or we can transfer/connect a third party domain if you have already purchased yours.

What is the cost of Squarespace web hosting?

The Routine Creative is a Squarespace Circle Member. This means you get 20% off your first year of Squarespace when you choose annual billing (for new Squarespace users only).


Can you assist with SEO?

I do have a basic knowledge will optimize your website to the best of my ability but I am by no means an SEO expert. I can refer you to other creatives with SEO services.

what if i am still not satisifed after two rounds or refinement?

I am almost certain you will be happy with your new logo after our two rounds of refinement but if for some reason you are not we can continue at my hourly rate. ($100/hour)