Hey Tyler,

Welcome to your client portal. This is where I will be sharing all updates, revisions and files throughout the branding and web design process. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. You can keep track of our progress via the checkboxes below :)



Hey Tyler! I have your homepage concept laid out below. Keep in mind when you are viewing that I designed it in Adobe Illustrator. So, what you are seeing below is just a fullscreen image. Your actual website will be much clearer when we add it into SS. Also, Ignore the blue back to top button at the side (that's a part of my website).

Here are a few notes for my design choices...

1. I changed up the fonts that Liz used for you. I wanted to elevate things a bit and make it more "fancy" for lack of a better word. 

2. The top menu is just  a placeholder. We can add or subtract pages from that if need be.

3. The icons is the breakdown are just placeholders but just wanted to give you an idea of the vibe of the icons if we decide to incorporate some. 

4. For the photos throughout I wanted to keep it neutral and not include photos of people. This way you can attract all audiences. 

5. I included a breakdown similar to your "module" breakdown. Let me know if this is what you had in mind. Also, on that note. I just took some ideas from your current splash page about what the "membership will include" item breakdown would look like. They are just placeholders as well. 

6. I used the people from one of your last testimonials. Can I be one of your testimonial people!?! :)

7. I think the "30" symbol I created for the refund policy section is cool but I'm not sure what kind of refund policy you had in mind. So we can change that to whatever you decide on.

8. I spelled "annually" wrong (and most likely other things too so let me know if you ever see misspellings lol)

9. The back to top button and in the bottom green footer is an option but we can leave that out if you want.

10. Lastly, I have no other notes. Let me know your thoughts! Hope you love it :)


Artboard 1-100.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 2-100.jpg

------------------^^^ website concept ends here ^^^ --------------------


Hey Tyler,

Here are your three initial concepts. For each one I show you what it would look like on a white background, what it would look like with different colors and what it could possibly look like on a website. Keep in mind the website mock ups shown aren't your official homepage mock up but more just for us to get an idea of how would lay on a website.

The idea is to pick one of the logo concepts that you feel best represents your brand and we can put that through 2 rounds of revisions of necessary. 


concept 2




Follower to Fan Society Moodboard

For your moodboard I wanted to create something modern/current but also slightly androgynous. I know you talked about not wanting to use pink because of Eric but I really feel we need to have a warm color in the mix so that we can have some contrast. I like this palatte because it's not super far removed from the colors you are already using for your brand but also has a bit more saturation. I know it still may look somewhat muted to you but I promise I know how to use these colors and still make things pop :). 

If you still wanna steer clear of the pink completely we could try using a tan but it would have to be a dark rich tan for it to not look muddy which, in turn, would present the brand as a bit more masculine then I think you are going for. Let me know your thoughts on this.

As far as the logo itself I wanted to present some ideas of where I think the branding may go as far as the overall look. Since the business name is slightly long I'd like to try and mix some clean sans serif fonts with a modern script font to create some depth and hierarchy. The script font would be similar to the style I've shown and likely wouldn't be that super feminine handwritten feel.