High Carb Hannah

Hey Hannah,

Welcome to your process portal. This is where I will be sharing all updates, revisions and files throughout the branding process. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. You can keep track of our progress via the checkboxes below :) 






Moodboard One


Okay, so Derek sent me some examples of the website/app you guys were having re-done and I really liked the color palette. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to stay within that range strictly or if there was some wiggle room. So, for this moodboard I sort of stuck with that color palette. The good news is this color palette is super fresh, fits within your market well and is pretty modern and gender neutral. Also, green=health when it comes to color theory within the food industry :)


For this first mood I wanted to go super modern/minimal. I'd be playing around with sans serifs (top left) and condensed sans serifs (top right). Also, I'd love to play with using a clean sans serif but adding some character too it to make it more playful/approachable (bottom center).  


As far as symbolism goes I'd love to keep it super minimal if we use anything at all. Just like Derek I feel like your business name makes things pretty clear without the need for imagery. With that being said, if we did include any imagery into the logo I'd likely keep super simple leaf style icons or something of that nature (bottom right). Let me know if you had something in particular in mind.

Final Thoughts: I like that this mood is super modern and super minimal. The  green may feel a little overwhelming but I definitely envision it used intentionally/sparingly. For the logo itself it may not necessarily be all of these colors but wanted to showcase the range of options in case you were presenting the mood/palette for the web deisigner to reference.



Moodboard Two


Went with a very similar color palette as shown above except added in an orange color to add some pop and contrast. This color palette is definitely a bolder choice so this all depends on your comfort zone. On the bright side it would be unique and recognizable. Funny enough this is a good balance between the competition you mentioned Maddie Lymburner & Fully Raw Kristina. Maddie is all green and black where as Kristina is all bright colors. This falls somewhere in the middle. 


For this mood I envision playing with a modern brush lettering. Something hand-lettered to give it character but still keep things modern/fresh (top right & bottom center). Or we could try something simpler like the hand-lettered/playful sans serif (top left). 


Same as above.

Final Thoughts: Overall this mood is definitely bolder but I love that it's more unique and the color alone certainly read as fresh and health conscious.