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HIlary Homepage Concept Revision 2





Logo Revision Round 1

Okay! So here are my thoughts for round 1 of revisions. I loved your feedback and I completely agreed with the things you called out. Below I have shown a black and white version and another version that played with that sage green color. In my opinion everything would look a lot cleaner and elegant if you stuck with the black and white for your brand and let the photography and imagery you use be the pops of color that you like. I know you love the sage green though so if we did use it I think we should stick to just the green, black and white. 

As far as the way you would use the three concepts I envision the first horizontal with the "H" maybe on a business card or other brand collateral, the second horizontal version at the top of your website and whichever version of the badge version we use in the footer like you said. You could also possibly use the badge on the business card if you went with the round stamp idea, which is the strongest of the three badges in my opinion.

Let's talk about the pattern you chose. I love it and when I saw it in the email I thought it looked really cool. However, when I tried it butted up against the second horizontal version I had before it looked like way to much. That pattern + the big "H" + the leaves = visual clutter. This is why I ended up changing the second horizontal version to a simplified option instead. I like the idea of this Moroccan shape though and I think it would be a cool accent to use as a sort of backsplash on your website instead of using it within the branding itself. Of course that is totally up to you. Here is a link to some pretty cool Moroccan patterns we could use if you would like.

The last bit I will mention is that I tried the leaf idea on both sides of the "H' and I personally think it's overdone and I like the stamp version and the Moroccan shape version better. But wanted to show it below so you could decide for yourself.

Okay I think that is everything. Let me know your thoughts and feedback if there is anything you would like to change for our final round of revisions or we can move forward as is if you would like as well.


Revision Round 1 of 2
Hilary Logo-02.jpg

concept 1

For this concept I wanted to keep it pretty traditional. Similar to what Magnolia is going but not completely identical since your overall color and vibe will be so similar to them as well. For the letter-mark I played with the two H's to create one H. I like that it has this bold feel but still lots of negative space. Not to mention the fact that when you look at it you will either see one big "H" or two skinny H's side by side. Since the letter-mark has suck a bold feel went with an organic serif font for the lettering. Also incorporated some leafy goodness. If we moved forward with this concept I would definately explore incoprating color into the mix in a subtle way but I honestly love that it stands on it's own in black and white.


For this concept I wanted to create something completely organic and flowy without falling too far into that "shabby chic/country girl" vibe. I hand lettered the logo. I wanted to cursive font to have that handwritten feel almost like you signed it yourself but also be readable. I also didn't just want to use a script font that already exists so that it could be unique to you. For the sub-marks I kept the double "H" simple and I also included some strong floral line-work into the mix to give it some depth and texture. If you were to move forward with this concept I don't think I would incoporate color into the mix. I feel like this logo works best in black and white.


So for this third concept I wanted to give you something a little more modern (since that's my jam lol.) Even though it probably the furthest of the three from the look of the Magnolia logo I feel like it still has and organic feel. I stuck with a clean thin sans serif and incoporate line work around it that has the same visual weight for the horizontal version. Trying to be minimal yet impactful. Almost like you reading a farm sign or something similar. I also liked the idea of exploring the "HQ" aspect of your brand so I have incoporated that into the sub-marks in a simple yet solid way. You will notice I included your sage color into this one already but I am still open to exploring color palette further if we need to.