Hilary Hartling

BRAND DESIGN - web design

Hilary Hartling is a powerhouse of a brand coach her Rolodex of contacts and collaborations is insane! I was recommended to Hilary by a handful of mutual friends who thought we would be a good fit and they were right! We first worked together on a web design that was really cool but shortly after Hilary realized her brand and business were heading in a different  direction. And like any smart entrepreneur would do she followed her intuition. This led us to a complete rebrand and complete overhaul of her website. We are both super proud of version 2.0 of hilaryhartling.com!





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logo variation

photo credit Grey & Elle

Client Praise

The overarching reaction to my new website is that it totally feels and looks like ME. So thank you for doing a great job with articulating my brand throughout my site so my personality shines through. It takes a gifted web designer to do that, and you are very gifted!
— Hilary

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