Hey Kaity,

Welcome to your client portal. This is where I will be sharing all updates, revisions and files throughout the branding and web design process. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. You can keep track of our progress via the checkboxes below :) 








Concept 1.1

For this version of concept one I used the script lettering I had already done like we discussed. The trickiest part of revising the concept that you chose is that the imagery was basically built to be next to a sans serif font. The shape of the compass just wasn't working next to a script font. The balance was off and the detailed were getting lost. So, I decided to keep just the hourglass and the hands. I also wouldn't be opposed to just using the hourglass but wanted to get your thoughts on that. I feel like this script really works for your brand because it feels super personal nex to the imagery that looks professional. It's a nice mesh.


Concept 1.2

For this second version of concept 1 I wanted to show you a bit more modern monoline script. It's still hand-lettered by me so it wouldn't be just a font like we talked about. For this version I wanted to show just the hourglass so you could see what that might look like. I don't think either of the script options are wrong it's more about your personal preference. Both, I feel,  would speak to your target audience. This one maybe leaning to a slightly younger audience.


Concept 1.3

For this version I wanted to show you the closest version to what we had except it still has a sans serif font. I know you said you are quite opposed to them but they speak to your target audience. If you didn't want to lose the compass part of the logo then the only way to make it work is with this type of font. I relocated the hands to fill the space where the lines were next to the hourglass. I see why you may not have liked them because the more I looked at them they looked almost like an energy coming off of the hourglass. I want it to look like an hourglass but not a crystal ball lol. 




--------------------Initial Concepts--------------------

Hey Kaity, Your initial three concepts are shown below. Keep in mind the web previews you see are just to show you what your logo could look like at the top of a website and aren't your initial homepage comps.

concept one

For this first concept I wanted to showcase something with completely custom type as well as custom imagery. I kept with the idea of a compass like we talked about but I wanted to mix it up a bit. I've included hands to represent your place in your client's journey and a gold foil hourglass to symbolize life as well as healing. For the pattern I thought we could try to incorporate a topographic map style. It hints at it but isn't in your face map and travel. Also, the tan color that we chose almost has a warm pink undertone which plays nicely to add femeninity to these somewhat 'masculine' lines and designs.



For the second concept I swapped out the deep olive color for a pure black to represent the night sky. I know you said you didn't want anything stereotypically "cosmic" but I wanted to show how we could represent that in a modern and minimal way. Kept it simple and feminine. The pattern may be a little too on the nose for your taste but I think it would work well with this particular logo. Of course, just like the first I have shown a few ways you could use the logo. This is my personal favorite but it may be too "cosmic" or "on-the-nose" for you.



For the third concept I wanted to showcase compass/journey idea you had but I wanted to make it unique to you. I have included a hand because it represents many thing to many people. For example some will look at this and see a traveler trying to find their way. Other's will see it as someone offering a helping hand. A deep interpretation could be a healing hand alongside the journey which would be the end goal for your brand. The beauty though is none of the those interpretations would wrong. I also wanted to go with a softer handwritten script to make it a bit more welcoming and feminine. The hand lettering was done by yours truly so it's not just some script font I slapped on your logo. For the pattern I went with a gem pattern. Wasn't sure how that fell in line with what you offer. You would know better than I do. If any of the patterns speak more to your brand we can totally make mix and match that part. 



So, obviously this is your moodboard. The moodboards that I create are meant to capture the essence of your brand but necessarily meant to be literal or on the nose. It's more to showcase a few design elements and ideas that could work for your brand as well as explore the color palette. 

For yours I really wanted to focus on capturing an earthy color palette that spoke to you and your brand, while also attracting your target audience. I am absolutely in love with this palette! I can see where you might look at it and think omg it looks like boy scout colors. I feel like overall though with white space and photography to break up your website the color won't read that way. If you feel this color palette is a bit too earthy or too masculine then we could incorporate a calming blue that I have introduced below. I personally don't think it needs the blue but I am not opposed to it. There is truly no wrong answer between the color palette options so it's honestly about your personal preference.
(p.s. if I am completely off the mark with the color palette please let me know)

As far as the design elements themselves I envision your logo as a detailed, monoline, illustrative almost tattoo vibe. Obviously, whatever imagery is depicted will be relevant to your brand (compass, map, journey etc.) but I just wanted to give you an idea of what I was envisioning in my mind. Also, I wanted to stick with your idea of using a gold foil effect or maybe a solid gold color for the logo. I would provide versions of black and white as well to be used for different purposes. 

As far as the type is concerned I will probably stick with flowing, personal, handwritten script style fonts as well as sans serif fonts. I feel like the combination of these two together will give it a modern feel while also feeling welcoming and approachable. The idea would be to keep the fonts and the imagery all one stroke width to give a truly seemless and polished look. Like I have showcased in the moodboard :)



Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.32.07 PM.png

This is a basic breakdown of what the color palette would look like without any cool colors. The mustardy/gold color could be incorporated as is, as a gold foil texture or maybe even both depending on how the design played out. In fact a lot of the colors could be incorporated via the photography we use on the site and don't have to be literally translate everywhere (wood for brown, plants/greenery for the green color etc). I feel like this warm palette is the way to go. 

Here is what it would look like with that calming blue included. It would be a nice subtle pop that could be incorporated in places to balance the overall warmth of the other colors. If the blue was any more intense than this it would totally be distracting. I understand your longing for a "pop" color but it doesn't necessarily have to be loud or vibrant to be the 'pop' color. Also super vibrant colors would throw off the earthy tones and the overall welcoming vibe. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 11.42.55 PM.png