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Hey Kenya,

Welcome to your process portal. This is where I will be sharing all updates, revisions and files throughout the branding and web design process. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. You can keep track of our progress via the checkboxes below :) 





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Logo Concepts

These are your initial three concepts. All three include a a primary mark, two sub-marks, color palette, web preview and pattern. Keep in mind nothing is set in stone and the web preview is just meant to showcase how the logo may look at the top of your website but these aren't your official web design concepts. The idea is to pick the concept you feel represents your brand the best. We can then put that one concept through two rounds of revisions if necessary. Or, if you are happy with the logo as is, then we can keep everything the same. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback!


Concept One


For this first concept I wanted to showcase something classy and timeless in design but modern and trendy in color palette. The crown over the 'O' is meant to represent something high-end and strong while the 'R' in Marie is playful and feminine. Also, the pieces of the crown are reflected in middle prongs of the three 'E's'. This way you can use the logo without the crown over the 'O' (as shown in sub mark one) while still having the shape of the crown distributed throughout. For the pattern I wanted to showcase something floral and feminine. Almost like a whimiscal wallpaper or pattern that could be used for packaging. 


Concept Two

For this concept I wanted to showcase something a little more streamlined and minimal. I like the idea of creating an emblem using the initial of the brand. In this case I am showcasing two different versions of it. I like the version you see in the primary mark at the very top because the loops from the 'M' represent a needle and thread. But, I also like the simple round version you see in the sub-marks because it's a bit cleaner and simplified. Neither is a wrong answer but I wanted to showcase both. I also like that this logo can stand strong on it's own with or without the emblem. The pattern I used is similar to the one I presented in the first concept but has a little more detail which eleveates the brand a bit more in my opinion.  


Concept Three

For this final concept I wanted to present something a bit more trendy just so you could see that as an option. The handwritten lettering makes the logo feel a bit more personal while the dress symbol I created alongside the geometric lines give it a bit more of a clean modern feel.  I combined these elements to create a trendy pattern from the logo itself. I also updated the green for the concept to more of a deep emerald green instead of the olive green. Again, I was going for a bit more of a trendy design here and that deep dark green paired with millennial pink really speaks to your target market currently. The first two options I presented are probably closer to what you are looking for but I just wanted to present this trendy option so you could at least visualize that a bit. 




Click the link below to view your brand strategy. This is just to make sure I understood your vision and to make sure we are on the same page moving foward. This will also be a quick but useful tool for you to refer back to as you build your business further.

Mood Board

So the idea of the mood board is to explore ideas for type, color, pattern and graphics for your brand. I explain my thoughts for the two mood boards below.


Mood Board 1


For this first moodboard I wanted to see what you thought of injecting a color palette into the mix. From everything I gathered from your questionnaires it seems like you are trying to achieve a timeless look for your brand. I wanted to showcase a way we can strike a balance between timeless and trendy so that you are still attracting your target market.

color: This pale pink is super feminine and welcoming. The olive green is super rich and symbolizes class and sophistication. This same feeling could also be achieved if we swapped the green for a midnight blue. The soft blue would be used more as an accent color throughout the site for buttons and links and not so much for the branding itself.

type: I visualize having a strong sans serif word-mark alongside a timeless monogram image of some sort. Or perhaps even a symbol to represent your brand. I will obviously explore this in detail for the three concepts but this is the overall vibe I am going for.

pattern: stripes are both modern and timeless. If we were to incorporate a pattern I could explore something like the striped pattern shown above. 



Mood Board 2


For this moodboard I wanted to showcase something a little more streamlined and timeless. It is less trendy which may seem more your style but I would just say that it won't speak to your target market quite as aggressively if we go in this direction. Just something to consider.

color: For this one I wanted to show everything in black, white and gray. Super clean, high-end and professional. 

type: same as moodboard one.

pattern: dots are both modern and timeless. If we were to incorporate a pattern I could explore something like the dotted pattern shown above.