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Hey Lauren,

Welcome to your client portal. This is where I will be sharing all updates, revisions and files throughout the brand & web design process. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. You can keep track of our progress via the checkboxes below :) 





Giving Tuesday


Services Page


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Homepage Design Concept



Pop the champagne!

Your logo files are ready to download and share with the world!



Business Card

Revision two


Revision Round 2


What has changed:

  • Made the "e's" the same in left and creativity. (the original e didn't look right in the word creativity so I went with this lowercase version for both.
  • Added the spacing for the "f" over "t" in left. I had it this way originally and didn't mean to leave that out of the last revision so good catch.
  • Adjusted the width and overall vibe of the "s" in coast to feel more cohesive with the other letters.
  • Updated the "t" in coast to connect to the "s" in a way that made more sense and was more cohesive with the other connections throughout.
  • I tried getting rid of the dots for the "i's" and it just didn't look or read right at all. So I decided to make the "t's" go through the "i's" instead of having the dots over the "t". I personally think this looks better.
  • Made the "v" more pointed.

I think that's everything! This is our final round of revision so hopefully it's all you dreamed and more but if there are any more subtle changes you think that need to be made let me know :)


Revision Round 1



Initial Concept Presentations

Your three initial brand concept presentations are available below! They are featured on this portal page but can also be downloaded directly. The idea is to review everything thoughtfully and choose the concept you feel is the strongest for your business and we can then put that concept through two rounds of refinement if necessary. Of course, if you are happy with one of the concepts in their current state, then no changes have to be made.



Note: Please review these from the point of view of your audience since subjective opinions tend to get in the way of what’s best for the brand. Feel free to use the button below to download the PDF version of the presentation if it's easier for you to view.


Concept 1


Concept 2


Concept 3



Below is a button linking to your brand strategy. This is meant to be a simple reference point for your business going forward.






I used the color suggestions you gave but also updated it a bit. I wanted to make sure the colors still read as feminine/approachable but also wanted to add a splash of sophistication to speak to your target audience. I have selected a deep teal and a mint green as the foundation colors with a pop of gold on top of that which I think looks super chic. Additional accent colors that would compliment this are salmon, soft pink and a soft sky blue as seen above.  


I didn't include a ton of type within the moodboard itself because I honestly feel like I am going to explore a few different styles. I mean, I still want it to feel feminine so I will likely play with sans serif, script and condensed sans serif fonts and customize from there.

I may play around with serif fonts as well but we will see. Not sure if that will work for your brand or not. Definitely nothing rustic or masculine though :)


I sort of envision just using type, color and pattern to build your brand but if you have any symbols you envisioned for your brand I am open to suggestions. I do dig the favicon you have for your website of the shape of California. I like the idea of leaning into the west coast thing since people love the west coast and because it's a part of your brand.

Final Thoughts: Its' funny that you admire Go Live so much because I totally see why. They strike a great balance between professional and approachable and the overall vibe is very west coast. I mean this picture of Promise fit perfectly in this moodboard. The overall vibe we are going for will probably feel similar but the richer color palette, your unique personality and focus on giving back, and my design style will definitely set your brand apart from the rest.