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Hey Hadley,

Welcome to your process portal. This is where I will be sharing all updates, revisions and files throughout the branding and web design process. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. You can keep track of our progress via the checkboxes below :) 





Candle Label

Revisions 1


Candle Label

Lid Sticker Ideas


Business Cards

Revision 1.1


Business Cards

Revision 1.2


Business Cards

Revision 1.3


Business Card

Initial Concepts


Matchbox Mockup




Artboard 11.jpg
Artboard 3 copy 6.jpg
Artboard 11 copy 3.jpg
Artboard 3 copy 2.jpg
Artboard 11 copy.jpg
Artboard 3 copy 3.jpg
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Artboard 3 copy 7.jpg




So, I thickened up the concept we went with. I tried to keep the overall character about it with less roundness to it and more sharp edges.




In case you aren't feeling the stacked version above because it's too whimsical or feminine I wanted to show a straight forward version of the thicker concept. I also wanted to show what it could look like on the light blue. I think the bronze outline was nice but it did make things a bit hard to read. 




So, I don't normally do this but wanted to showcase a simple gender neutral concept that I didn't present before. The reason I am showcasing this now is the concept you ended up choosing didn't leave much room for changes so if you don't like the thicker versions above maybe this could be a good direction to go. Let me know! (ps I haven't purhcased the font used here yet so it would be a lot cleaner once I purchase it.)



Concept 1


l+a concept 1.jpg

logo concepts

Concept 2


l+a concept 2.jpg

logo concepts

Concept 3


l+a concept 3.jpg

Mood Board

So the idea of the mood board is to explore ideas for type, color, pattern and graphics for your brand. I explain my thoughts for the two mood boards below.


mood board one:

Cozy - Cool


For this first moodboard I was actually inspired by a brand that you shared on your Instagram (No Six Depot). I feel like the designer really nailed their packaging. If we could achieve something similar to their coffee and tea packaging with your candles, I feel like we would really attract your target market. Also, if we could design a similar brand and even style it similarly from a photography stand-point, this would really set your brand apart.  

color: Though I like the color palette 'No Six Depot' is using I think the dark green is a little bit too harsh for your brand. I think a softer mint green and a soft blue works well paired with the strong darker blue and the beige color. Also, we could even include some gold foil in place of the beige color for some print items. I personally feel like the foil only translates well in print and not so much for the web. Just know that finding printers that will print gold is harder to find and a bit more costly. I know you were trying to keep your cost down for this line so I feel it's worth mentioning. I like that this color palette is gender neutral and feels similar to your current brand 'TTT' without being the exact same.

type: I like the idea of keeping your brand very type heavy. I visualize something strong like a sans serif for the logo itself (customized to fit your brand of course) and accent typefaces for the label itself. Similar to what I have shown above but maybe slightly more classy.

pattern: I like the idea of using something fun and textured similar to what you use for 'TTT'. What I have pictured above is actually a pattern from a typographical map but I liked it because it was similar to your marbled wrapping without being exactly the same. Though I think graphics, icons and patterns would be a great addition to your brand I don't envision going full on illustration with it like they did for 'No Six Depot'. I'd like to keep it a bit more modern than that. 



mood board two:

Golden - Casual


I know we want to focus on something that will look great in any decor so if you feel like the first mood board is too colorful then we could go with something more simple like this 'Golden Casual' mood. We could keep it modern with geometric shapes/clean lines and just include accents of gold on the white. Lots of white space and wood accents. 

color: The color palette would be more minimal for this one. The only down-side might be that this looks too high-end compared to "TTT". 

type: I envision using segmented type like I have shown above with is super minimal and modern. I could also play with creating a symbol or emblem to represent the brand. Almost like a stamp or badge. 

pattern: geometric or strong lines. Less texture and more white space for this particular vibe.


Also, I am not sure if it would add to much to the cost but I think it could be cool to include a candle topper like the one I have shown below. Not sure how you feel about something like that.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.23.20 AM.png