- Mandy FitzgeralD -





This firs concept is probably most similar to what you have or have had for your logo in the past. I custom lettered the script part of the logo (with an actual paintbrush aren't you proud of me haha) so you know this look would be unique to you and not just some script font. You will notice I included a tagline I came up with based on something you said at the end of your video. If you hate it I understand but it's at least a placeholder in case you want to think of another one. I've showcased the logo with and without the tagline as well as on the blue backdrop. I have also included a alternative version of the logo in which I used a box as a nod to a canvas with a gold paint strip and the tagline. 


For this second concept I wanted to give you something a little more elevated in and modern. Orginally with the mood board I thought I would be using a condensed sans serif to represent your brand but later realized I liked the way a bold sans serif looked for your brand. I like that the text is bold with the softness of the paint strip and of course the gold just really classes it up. I also like the idea of just using the M from your name as a symbol for your brand with this classy stencil "M". Then for the third variation of this logo I wanted to give something that again hinted at the canvases while also telling your entire story of who you are, what you do, where you work and when you started in one logo.

Mandy Fitzgerald Concepts-09.jpg


For the third concept I always try to mix the first two concepts. I hand wrote this logo as well so no fonts were used for your name so that it would be completely unique to you. The hand with the paintbrush is not my own so if you did chose this logo I would come up with something similar but maybe a little more feminine or elegant. For now it's a placeholder. I would also probably work on the script part a little more if you chose this concept but just wanted to get the point across to you. I've also included the logo on a blue backdrop with gold splatter. Then I have included a third variation which is where the mix of modern and whimisal comes into play. So you could have a very sleek stamp version of your branding along side the more scripty version depending on what you are trying to brand.