Hey Alexandra,

Welcome to your client portal. This is where I will be sharing all updates, revisions and files throughout the branding and web design process. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. You can keep track of our progress via the checkboxes below :) 







Business Card Concept 1




Business Card Concept 2





Here is round one of revisions for the concept you chose. I know you mentioned we wanted to try a fro to make it a little more androgynous as well as reflect you and the community. That is what I have done below. I think that was a good call because I really like how it turned out and I think it looks more unique now then it did before. I wanted to created a fro that fell over the forehead a bit because I feel it's harder to tell if it's a boy or a girl when you do it this way. Not to mention it helps give that look of a child vs looking like an adult woman. As far as color is concerned I feel like this red color works best for your market/audience. If not this red than at least a warm like yellow or orange. Let me know your thoughts. If you are happy with the design we can finalize without more revisions but if there are more changes you would like to see made we still have one more round of revisions to play with :)




Logo Concepts


logo CONCEPT 1


For this concept I wanted to stick with the colors and vibe of the moodboard. I wanted to create something that was fun and full of movement to represent the limitless energy of children. It's completely custom and hand lettered so there wouldn't be another font or logo out there that's exactly like these letters. For the sub-marks I wanted to show how you could show it stacked as well and I also included a cute speech bubble graphic. It's a somewhat literal interpretation of "speech" but I think literal interpretations are actually the right way to go when it comes to graphics for children. Almost like board game boxes/graphics.

I included a potential tagline since I know you mentioned wanting to have a tagline. "Speech treatment that's as unique as you little one." I feel like it get's the message across without being too stuffy but it's just an idea. So, if you would like to change it or have other ideas let me know :)


logo Concept 2

For this concept I wanted to keep the color palette a bit more simple. Funny enough this red color really works for the audience we are targeting. I have pictured a profiled silhouette of a child. Again, getting your message across that you work with children is very important with a name like 'speakeasy'. I have shown the profile of a boy but I also created one of a girl if you prefer that. For the text I wanted to keep it fun but maybe a bit more readable/clear than the first concept. The cool thing about this concept is you could use the child as a symbol. This works great for social media profile pictures.

You will see a slightly altered version of the tag line on the web example. Keep in mind these web comps you see with these concepts aren't necessarily how your website homepage will look but are more to give you an idea of what your logo would look like on a website. 


Logo Concept 3


For this concept I mixed the ideas between the first two concepts except didn't want it to look quite as hand lettered. Though these letters where designed by me as well so they will be unique to your brand. I included a megaphone symbol that you could use to represent your brand. I stuck with the same color palette except I decided to go without the blue for this one. I have also included a couple of sub-marks again to show how you could stack the logo and use a simplified version of it.  



Brand Moodboards

These are your moodboards that I created and are meant to capture the essence of your brand but not necessarily meant to be literal or on the nose. It's more to showcase a few design elements and ideas that could work for your brand as well as explore the color palette. For you I am showing three moodboards so you can really visualize the direction you would like to go with this and explain. I explain my thoughts behind each below.



Speakeasy BKLYN 1.jpg

For this first moodboard I wanted to showcase a little adaptation of the speakeasy theme. Vintage type and vibe with your red, grey and black colors to set the mood. Leaning into the theme completely.

PROS: You will be embracing a theme which will make you stand out among competitors

CONS: This overall theme may be a little too "adult" and may not read right when parents first glance at it. First impressions are everything.



Speakeasy BKLYN 2.jpg

For this moodboard I wanted to showcase something more geared towards the children. Bright, bold and youthful colors that evoke the feeling of children right out of the gate. This way it's clear to your viewer that you work with kids. I would use bold sans serif fonts and script fonts along side minimal patterns and playful icons.

PROS: Very clear that your business is geared towards children. Bold Color palette to make you stand out.

CONS: Maybe too childlike for the Brooklyn market? Less professional and more playful.



Speakeasy BKLYN 3.jpg

For this moodboard I wanted to showcase a something a little more modern and minimal. I was thinking more city vibe, muted color pallette, and modern type. Maybe utilize modern patterns similiar to wallpaper in a chidren's room to keep it slightly playful but also keep all the visual streamlined and professional.


PROS: Attracts your ideal client while still having a touch of childish whimsy. Muted color palette keeps the vibe super clean and professional.

CONS: Doesn't get the "works with children" message across quite as clearly. This overall vibe and color palette has been used many times (likely not in your field yet though from what I have seen)