logo concepts

Hey Adam,

I am super excited to share your initial logo concepts with you! I will explain each concept in detail below but just wanted to say that each concept has 4 marks that represent the same brand. The fully realized exploration of each idea lets you see how the logo/branding could be spread across multiple facets of your brand (website, business cards, social media etc.) It's actually cool that I am sending this to you on a Friday because this will allow you to really let the idea sit so you can come back to me with your specific feedback. The way it works is you will select one of these 3 concepts that you feel best represents your brand and we will put that concept through 2 rounds of revisions. OR if you are satisfied with one of them as is we can totally move forward with it. Enjoy!



For this concept I wanted to explore the idea of the freedom that would be a direct benefit of your services. I gave a credit card some wings to represent the idea of using your credit card to reward yourself. You will notice I came up with a slogan "win your life back." I feel like this represents your brand and business name in a simple catchy way. I sort of used this slogan throughout each concept but if you hate the slogan you can just view it as a placeholder. You will see that I incorporated a couple of other sub-marks for this logo below including the flag and the badge with the hand. The hand badge to further the idea of playing a card game and taking control (grasping, handling) your credit card and the flag to further the idea of freedom.


For this second concept I wanted to explore something a little more simple and straightforward since your business name is such a strong play on words as it is. Clean lines and minimal clutter. Like I mentioned with the moodboard this can always be elevated with imagery and graphic around it instead of requiring the logo itself to speak the message directly. You will notice a few sub-marks here as well including a badge and simplified icon that represents cards in a very minimal and modern way.


For this third concept I wanted to show you an option that spoke a little more directly to your business name. You will see strong imagery and clean lines. The spade meant to symbolize the card game idea and the use of stripes and star to pull the idea of a flag or freedom. You will see more sub-marks here including two badges that almost feel presidential, furthering the freedom idea, but still remain clean and unique enough to represent your brand in a distict way.


This moodboard is meant to represent you brand in a simplified way. Clean lines, plenty of white/negative space and very modern graphic style. The idea is to keep the logo and additional copy a simple black and white and elevate the brand with elegant imagery. The imagery/photography will aslo be the way we incoporate color and target the market we are trying to reach. The vision is clean wood and leather mixed with bold greenery and minimal photography. This vibe speaks to both men and women who are financially responsible who would agree that purchases, wheather it be products, goods or sevices, can enhance their value of life.