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Welcome to your client portal. This is where I will be sharing all updates, revisions and files throughout the brand & web design process. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. You can keep track of our progress via the checkboxes below :) 






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brand concept presentation

Revision Round 2

Hey tracy I have adjusted the hand as you will see below.

Note: Please review this from the point of view of your audience since subjective opinions tend to get in the way of what’s best for the brand. Feel free to use the button below to download the PDF version of the presentation if it's easier for you to view.


Revision Round 1



Moodboard 2 (revised)

Tracy Moodboard2 copy.jpg

Moodboard 1


For this first moodboard I wanted to go all out with the color choices. I like the idea of using bold colors so that your brand will be truly unique within your market as well as memorable/recognizable. Think Jenna Kutcher, Melyssa Griffin or Femtrepreneur (to name a few). They all have unique color palettes that are easily associated with their brand. I like that this color palette is very direct which is one of the buzzwords you used to describe your business. I also like these colors because the attract both your male and female audience. 


For the type I envision sans serif type paired with serif type. I would keep it super clean and modern but also make sure it has unique character.


Not sure if you envision your logo being just type based or if you would like a symbol to represent your brand as well. If we do end up using a symbol I would like to keep it super clean lines like the symbols used below (top left and bottom center). 

Final Thoughts: In case you couldn't tell I wanted this mood to pack a punch with the color and so I wanted to keep the other elements super clean & simple.   


Tracy Moodboard2.jpg


Moodboard 2


For this moodboard I wanted to go slightly more feminine. I know you shared your colors you have used previously and I wanted to stick in that realm but soften things up a bit. I started with the teal (since I realize that goes really well with your red hair) but went with a slightly deeper and richer version. Then instead of the tomato red I split it into grapefruit color and a soft pink. Again, wanted to keep this vibe softer and more feminine.


Since we wouldn't be using the "in your face" colors, I envision the type to be a bit more playful for this one. We could achieve this with a condensed sans serif+script combo (top left) or a bold sans serif+serif combo (bottom right). I would explore this further but would definitely want the type itself to be playful but professional; cool but approachable.


Again, not sure if you envision your logo being just type based or if you would like a symbol to represent your brand as well. Depending on how much character the type itself has, the logo may not need a symbol alongside it. Either way I'd keep it clean and simple again like the one shown below (bottom center & top center). Nothing to illustrative or flowing. 

Final Thoughts:  Not sure if you will end up hiring me for your website or not, but if you do, I would love to design you something similar to the overall vibe of Kriss Did It. I feel like something similar to this would work well for your business/brand. 

Tracy Moodboard.jpg